Cloud Data Security - Observations from former Twitter CISO

When I worked at Twitter, I noticed a serious, yet all too common problem.

If you work at an org leveraging cloud collaboration like GSuite, Box, O365, or similar, I’m sure you’ve come across it too.

Everyone knows how important security is, yet data was still being shared in ways it wasn’t supposed to. At times, sensitive files became accessible to the wrong employees or worse, they leaked externally.

After consulting with my CISO network, I learned that I wasn’t alone, but there was no viable solution to this problem.

Then, one fateful day, I was having lunch in the San Francisco Ferry building with my buddy Amir, who was the Lead Data Scientist at Capital One at the time.

It was his job to look at massive amounts of data and figure out how to protect the system at scale to avoid fraud.

I was venting my concerns when it hit us -- together we had the passion and the know-how to create an actual data security solution.

After a year of prototyping, Altitude Networks - Cloud Data Protection was born.

We landed our first customers with just a spreadsheet and an outline of their risks -- it was early and not polished, but the fact that we were finding critical risks at each deployment made them sign almost immediately.

Proof of just how desperate this need really was!

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