Launching Altitude Networks: The First Cloud Collaboration Security Platform

Today, we’re very excited to publicly launch Altitude Networks, the first platform focused on cloud collaboration security. We're also announcing $9 million in series A funding. The round was led by Felicis Ventures with participation from Slack Fund, previous investor Accomplice, and a personal investment from Alex Stamos. You can read the official press release here.

We believe that companies should be able to embrace cloud collaboration platforms like GDrive, Box, Office365, Dropbox and more with the confidence that critical files are not falling into the wrong hands. Through human mistake or malice, organizations are currently struggling with the theft and exposure of critical data from these platforms. Altitude Networks was created to address the challenges around security at the intersection of human behavior, collaboration, and technology.

SaaS applications and collaboration platforms have provided incredible power and efficiencies to businesses. They’ve also provided a solid technical stack with many security benefits. However, at the human layer there is a significant gap and increased risk of data breaches stemming from human actions. With a single click a sensitive internal board deck could be accidentally shared with the world. An exiting employee or contractor could download tens of thousands of documents. Someone could decide to share critical intellectual property to their personal, non-work, account. Or a privileged internal document intended for a small internal team accidentally gets shared by link to the entire company. Empowering employees to collaborate without ubiquitous security controls is dangerous for data security. Similarly, companies can’t just adopt another overbearing security tool that destroys all the efficiencies provided by the cloud.

With Altitude Networks we’re excited to give control over safe data sharing back to the businesses. Our approach integrates into collaboration platforms and works with teams to empower secure collaboration, not hamstring features through clunky security controls. Our platform analyzes a variety of factors including file metadata, provenance, relationships and behaviors. Our goal is to bring together the security objectives, risk analysis, and desired outcomes needed by a security program with the diligence and insights produced by data science. Our platform constantly evaluates massive amounts of information to identify the egregious and subtle movements of data and permissions that represents data theft, data breach, and unauthorized access. We surface the accurate risks that matter, with context for decision making, and enable swift remediation.

Nothing is possible without an amazing team. We have a group of world-class engineers and designers here at Altitude. We’re also fortunate to be supported by fantastic investors, including Felicis Ventures, Accomplice, the Slack Fund and Rain Capital. We also have the support of amazing angel investors including Andrew Peterson & Zane Lackey (founders of Signal Sciences), Grant Miller & Marc Cambell (founders of Replicated), Sumit Agarwal (co-founder of Shape Security), Alex Roetter,  Adam Foroughi, Raj Shah, Sameer Bhalotora, John “JJ” Jack, and Ameet Patel.

We’re excited to unveil our product and initial use cases on our website and also provide a limited peek of the product within our demo customer, KindCo, at Please reach out to us at

This is only the beginning!

- Michael & Amir