No more useless conference swag - support great causes instead!

How many security conferences have you been to littered with useless gimmick toys and nick-nacks? Have you reached the point where you have enough stress squeezers, webcam covers and light up desk toys? Do you wonder - perhaps all this money could be spent on something even a bit more useful?

At Altitude we thought the same thing. So at BlackHat this year we decided on a different approach. #SkipTheSwagSupportACause We found this to be a great success and encourage other security vendors to consider a similar approach at conferences. If you do, please let us know at Altitude Networks on LinkedIn or @Altitude on Twitter

Instead of giving out little items that would find there way into the trash, we committed to donating funds to a great cause - Women in Security and Privacy ( WISP is a fantastic non-profit that is focused on advancing women in the fields of security and privacy. Their core initiatives are education, mentoring & networking, advancement and leadership. Altitude Networks is proud to support such a wonderful group.

For each person that visited our booth and posted a picture with our #SkipTheSwagSupportACause plaque, we committed to making a donation to WISP. The idea was a great success with plenty of support and visibility for the cause and for WISP. In the end we had a number of participants. Altitude topped off the donation and was excited to donate $500 to the organization.